We would like to warmly welcome you to the site concerning the life and work of Philip Betts.

Philip developed his passion for the trade of the Blacksmith into his own art form. Using his tools and skills, he set about to communicate to the people around him his ideas and ideals forged out of his own life experience and influences.

Within this site we offer a glimpse of what he thought about and how this was expressed – through the medium of wrought iron, in the form of candle-holding figures and sculptures.

His work began to emerge at the end of the 1970s from the basement of his house where he had built a forge, and by the mid-eighties a number of his sculptures became known through small exhibitions and from some television documentaries about his work; others remained (and remain) in private hands as gifts to people that he valued.

We hope that as you visit the site, you’ll discover the places he got to as a teacher, a parent and ordinary man; that you’ll get an idea of the struggles that he witnessed, the ones that he transformed into wrought iron art, and the questions that they posed for us to examine. We also hope that you will gain inspiration from his story and the efforts he made to find and generate light.